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13-Year-Old Bella Thorne's Skimpy Bikini Photo Scandal

Bella Thorne, the up-and-coming star of Disney's Shake It Up, recently sported a skimpy black bikini with chains during a recent trip to the beach (full image below), and her swimwear has left many fans shaking their heads. If Miley Cyrus wore this to the beach, we have no doubt that bloggers everywhere would have said she looked slutty. In fact, Miley was recently photographed on a beach in Rio, and the rebellious star's bathing suit looked downright conservative in comparison. It's no wonder then that Bella's black bikini has caused a minor scandal online—after all, she's only 13!Not only does her barely-there bikini seem like it was designed for a much older person, but it also comes with body chains that look like they belong on trashy lingerie, not a 13-year-old Disney star. Obviously girls have started wearing two-piece bathing suits younger and younger, and there's nothing inappropriate about a young teen in a bikini, but we have to agree with those that say Bella has gone too far. We were shocked when we first saw the picture of the young star, and upon closer examination, we definitely think she should cover up, and we feel really uncomfortable.Thorne's mother quickly came to her daughter's defense when the blogoshere questioned the outfit. “Most of the day she was wearing shorts and a sweater over her bathing suit. She was playing volleyball with a bunch of friends and the only time she was in her bikini was to go in the water,” she told Radar Online.But what about those chains?“The chains she was wearing belonged to a friend who urged her to put them on just for a picture.  They thought it would be funny to pose like a rock star…She wasn't wearing those chains at the beach any longer than it took to take the photos. They were just kids playing around.”Just because she only wore the swimsuit in the water doesn't make it any less inappropriate, and we'd really like to know who brings chains like that to the beach. We think Bella has a bright future in front of her, and we hope she doesn't make a habit of dressing up in outfits like this. We don't like to think of ourselves as prudes, but there's something definitely wrong about that bikini.Cover up, Bella! You're breaking out heart.

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A teacher found three students from William Dandy Middle, a special education school, engaging in what officials would only classify as "inappropriate behavior" in the parking lot. However, the inappropriate behavior was actually all three kids, with their pants down, having intercourse. Mom is demanding answer! Jan 9, 2008

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13-year-olds in cyber sex scandal 

THE FBI has been called in to help save a 13-year-old Melbourne girl from a cyber-bully, who was posting sexually explicit photographs of the victim on a fake MySpace page.
The victim, who had taken explicit photographs of herself and then sent them to her 17-year-old former boyfriend, approached Bacchus Marsh police two months ago to complain that another 13-year-old girl had accessed the photos and was displaying them on a fake MySpace account.
Police enlisted the FBI and Australian Federal Police to act as a liaison to obtain computer-based evidence and close the site via MySpace in the US.

Bacchus Marsh police may charge the boyfriend with procuring child pornography and sexual penetration of a child under 16. The girl who created the false account has been officially cautioned.
The ordeal confirms an emerging trend among adolescent girls to send sexy images of themselves to boyfriends and friends, according to the editor of Girlfriend magazine, Sarah Cornish. Cornish says she was shocked to find that four out of 10 girls had been asked to send nude photos of themselves over the internet, when Girlfriend conducted a poll on cyber-bullying among its readers in 2007.
Police said yesterday that any explicit image could constitute a serious criminal offence and would be investigated.

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